Why Corian Countertops Are Becoming Extremely Popular

Corian countertops have been around for quite a while but it is only recently that they began taking the world by a storm. Made by Dupont, these worktops are non-porous solid materials made from mixing acrylic polymer with alumina trihydrate. This perfect combination by Dupoint is what gives rise to the benefits of Corian that everybody is now clamoring for.

Solid Surface

One of the biggest advantages of the Corian is that you can get to have one solid surface for your countertop. Gone are the days of having a crack between your sink and your countertop. The Corian tops are easily molded together to give you one continuous surface.

Unbeatable Price Tag

A lot of people will argue that plastic is cheaper than getting a Corian worktop and this is true. The issue with your run-of-the-mill plastic is that it does not look as appealing and is also not as durable. In comparison to the other options out there like wood or stone, once again Corian has a more pocket friendly price tag that any household can make happen.

Easy Maintenance

Being one solid surface, maintaining a Corian countertop is much easier than other combined surfaces. There are no joints coming apart and there is no dirt squeezing into cracks that always has to be removed. A simple wipe down will always keep your countertop looking clean and beautiful.

In case you should scratch the tabletop, unlike other materials likes stone or formica, you can simply repair the Corian with a little bit of soft scrubbing.

Mind-blowing Variety of Colors

Being a material that is man-made, Dupont are making it possible for their clients to buy countertops in virtually any color that you can imagine. They already have a variety of colors for one to choose from and if they do not, they can custom create it for you at a very affordable price. This is less than one can say for a majority of the other materials in the market.

Chemical and Stain Resistant

One of the benefits of Corian comes from the fact that it is non-porous which means that it is chemical and stain resistant. You will not have to worry about using a cleaner on your countertop only to come back and find that it has changed color. The simple regular cleaning with warm soapy water should keep the Corian in its original color for years to come.